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lynxshadowstalker asked:

Damn, Mituna, how do you manage to be so rad and so adorable at the same time? Wish I could give you a hug! (Latula is one helluva lucky troll!)

stormybabe asked:

Hey there, Mituna. You’re adorable as hell, and I just want you to know that :3

Anonymous asked:

ur a cutie uvu

Anonymous asked:

Dude, dude, bro, bro, dude, bro, bro dude, dude, mituna. Love ya man, keeping cute and awesome. Oh and can I haz a hug?

ticketstowonderland asked:

Seriously youre so godamn hot omg

Anonymous asked:

Omg, you’re so cute!! ^u^ I have the biggest internet crush on you ever! Ehehe

hitomi-lynn-mizuki asked:

I just have to say I keep seeing you on my dash and you’re a really adorable Mituna!

Anonymous asked:

((Pss pss youre attractive))

Anonymous asked:

You are a babe

thisishowieatdapussy asked:


Anonymous asked:


lesblowjobqueen asked:

You are just precious! Let me love you!

askthatsexy2pamerican asked:

Mituna you are seriously adorable bro.

oracleblackrose asked:

YOU ARE SO ADORABLE higrebslghvbxfldhgvbs;ehr

4D0R48L3 157H N07 4 W0RD F0R 7H3 H31R 0F MU7H3RFUHK1N D00M >8 )

Captorhive is probably my favourite Mituna cosplayer, and this is most definitely my favourite post, I love the eye details a little bit too much,
but in general, awesome cosplayer ^-^

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